‘Guess We’re Back. by KI-Fennec

‘Guess We’re Back.


9 September 2020 at 11:01:37 MDT

Jeezz..... It's been a hot minute since I drew this guy and his mischievous pal.

This is more of a slight facelift for kenny since I changed the shape of his lightingbolt marking and got rid of the stiches in his ear. His tailmaw chichi is more or less the same :p. Idk why but every time I draw this guy my style looks different. I perefer my 2018 style, but this actually nice! Seeing clothes on him is a bit new for me but I aways felt like he'd wear something similar. Could use a bit more pratice on drawing clohes I guess.

Art by K∆I Fennec/Skyline_Wolfie(FA)

Character belongs to Me


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    Aww so cutie!!!^_^ I like this style❤️ Very cute and neat eyes)
    I think clothes looks nice!)

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      Thank you! Had fun doing the shirt!

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    I really like the expression! :)

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      Thanks! Personality I think it fits his character.

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        You’re most welcome! :)