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Bermuda by kidkhat



When I saw voegel's character over at FA a while ago I just had to draw her sometime ;u; she's right down my alley.

I played a lot with the colors on this one. I literally have no idea what I'm doing when I'm trying to create color palettes for my drawings. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And when it does, it baffles me because it always looks like shit to begin with.
I'm actually quite proud of the colors on this one. I usually rely heavily on overlays and all the other fancy color adjustment tools available in Photoshop but this time I picked them all myself.

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    What a pretty style <3

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    This is so beautiful, so much life in the picture.

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    I think you did well with the colors! It's so pretty : D

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    gosh this is just... seriously stunning. already rambled about it hskdjfh so i'll try not to do it again but damn. all the colours you put in her hair especially compliment each other so well, i think you did a totally fabulous job on pickin' 'em here. wish i had your skills in that regard haha! i still use a bunch of overlays and even then they don't work this well. ;w;

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      I'm so thrilled that you like it <3 I really enjoyed painting her.

      Overlays are the best! I often just slap on a random color and adjust it with hue/saturation until I find something that I like x3 I would love to get better at picking the right colors straight away, though, and be more conscious about creating color palettes before I start painting.