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Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm super awkward and antisocial and I can't pick up conversations to save my life.

I rarely respond to comments and shouts and if I do, I'm incredibly slow and I apologize. Every favorite, watch and comment are highly appreciated, though <3

I am a recently graduated CG generalist focusing on character design, illustration, modeling and texturing. I'm available for both long and short term work.

Tumblr | FurAffinity | Portfolio


Full Body, Lineart & Colors

Single character with a simple color background
$ 45.00
add  Additional character
$ 33.00
add  Scenery
$ 10.00

- Terms of Service -

Will do
- All species, genders and body types
- Artistic nudity

Won't do
- Anything pornographic or fetish related
- Copyrighted characters or characters with striking similarities to copyrighted characters

I reserve the right to turn down any commission I do not feel comfortable doing. If there's something you're unsure whether I'd be willing to draw you are welcome to ask.

Other info
・ Your free to give me complete artistic freedom or provide me with as much reference and description as you want in regards to posing, colors, mood, scenery, etc.
・ Working from a reference sheet is favorable, but I'm fine with descriptions too. A short description of the character's personality is also nice to have.
・ If you would like me to draw or color in a specific style you have seen me use, make sure to let me know.
・ I'll send at least a rough sketch and a rough color version for approval to ensure that you are happy with where the image is going. Please bear in mind that the final product will probably differ a bit from the sketch as I often change things along the way.
・ You can request modifications throughout the whole process as long as they're minor and within reason. I expect that any large edits will be sorted out when approving sketch and colors.
・ In general, you can expect a turnaround time of two weeks. I always spend a few days researching, finding references and inspiration before I start drawing.

Rules of usage
・ I hold the copyright on the commissioned work and reserve the right to post the commissioned work online and use it for promotion or similar purposes. The owner of the depicted characters will of course be given credit.
・ You will receive the finished image file in viewing size and high resolution. This, you are free to re-post in its original state as long as I am credited and you link back to me.
・ You are free to crop and edit the commissioned work and use it for any personal and non-commercial use.

・ I only accept Paypal USD.
・ I'll send an invoice upon approval of the sketch and proceed work when payment is received.
・ In case I decide to cancel the commission, I'll give a full refund.
・ If you decide to cancel the commission, I'll give a refund minus a fee for the work that has already been done.
・ Once a commission is finished it can not be refunded.


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    what omg you watched ME???? ouo i'm honored

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      <3 yes, I do :3 your style is super cute! I followed you over here when you linked to your profile on FA.

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        well that is really cool and i appreciate it ;3;

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    Very good work ! :3 me watch !

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    Incredible art work, I'm sticking around for more <3