[P] Teddy Updated Reference by KiddoCorgi

[P] Teddy Updated Reference


29 August 2020 at 21:01:51 MDT

Not too much changed. I just wanted something a little cuter. I also added little details (tail size/colour, a bit of chub. etc) since how I had the last reference didn't really show everything clearly.

While I did include an outfit design, he'll wear just about anything. He has a preference for dinosaurs, knights/dragons, stars, and other 'cool stuff', but so long as he's comfortable, he doesn't mind what he's wearing. Diapers and pullups are preferred, but he'll also wear briefs on occasion (even if they're not shown here), and his preference is blues, grays, and yellows.

Collar is completely optional and can be any colour/design, but always has a heart tag.