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Bunch of Doggos - Blue Bay Shepherd by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Bunch of Doggos - Blue Bay Shepherd


Here's our next Bunch of Doggos dog: Blue Bay Shepherd
The breed originates from Southern Breeze Ranch in Palm Bay Florida and that's pretty much the only way to guarantee you get a real one. Vicki Spencer had a long list of hefty goals for the breed: she wanted a breed the was healthy, affectionate, stable, and trainable while straight up eliminating other traits like steeply sloped back, hip dysplasia propensity, aggression and shyness while also getting that super blue color. So she was kind of setting her standards way to high for her goal if you know anything about old german shepherd dogs and wolf dogs which was the biggest portions of the base for the breed. So in short it's still a developing breed and has a long way to go and even though I feel really mixed about bringing even a drop of wolf blood into it I do hope that down the line they do get a much more stable domestic breed from it and that her goals are reached sense a large dog without the worries of hip dysplasia would be a dream especially with that beautiful appearance, but ye. (an reason I say domestic is if they show anything leaning more towards how you have to treat owning wolf hybrids that's not a domestic pet that's an exotic pet. an that's not something a normal person should have.)

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