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A Nice Day Together by KibaTheDemonicWolf

A Nice Day Together


12 September 2020 at 05:36:30 MDT

a commission I did for my friend Gamely of two of his characters

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Visual / Traditional


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    I like the birds on the side, they are cute. Nice job on the flowers too.

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      thanks! I feel like I could have done a little better, but I kept working on this in between watching my dog cause he was recovering from surgery and throughout August pretty much had to have constant supervision so he wouldn't mess with his staples and open his wound so the only time I got to work was when he'd fall asleep by the door which is right by where I can draw digitally so I could draw and watch him so I just feel the cuts in work flow made it not turn out as nice as it could have.
      But I'm probably being to self critical

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        Hope your dog is doing better!
        I think you're too hard on yourself, I think they look great. They are so detailed!

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          he's doing great now he had a little over a one pound tumor removed and he's 12 years old (going to be 13 in November) so it was pretty stressful, but he's pretty much all healed up now like only reason you can even tell he had anything done now is it's going to take him a good while to grow all the fur back but he's feeling really good now. More energy then he's had in ages honestly acting like a pup again. I'm just beyond happy it turned out so good.

          an thanks! I tend to be to hard on myself. I am trying to work on not being so overly critical though, but it's a very slow process and I tend to take several steps back on it periodically.