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Blind Box Toys 8 - Lost Kitties by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Blind Box Toys 8 - Lost Kitties


Thank you to King Ken of Thunder for buying this one - with this one being purple and striped and looking like he's thinking an coming with a tea pot and cupcake I couldn't help but try to go for a slight tea party, I might be crazy look sense he reminded me of some cheshire cat knock off X'D an I love it
(like honestly first thing I thought of is it's a color inverse of the nightmare cheshire cat in the Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo Series when Scooby has that Alice in Wonderland themed nightmare. like literally type in "Scooby in Wonderland" into google images if you wanna know wtf I'm rambling about X'D )
an here we are at the last of the 8 of the lost kitties blind box drawings that I had done I wont say this is the Last last of them sense I do have some more lost kitties blind boxes in my amazon wishlist (an other blindboxes if you wanna help me out or wanna see artwork a lot sooner rather then way later sense it's gonna be a long while before I can get any of them myself) but I hope you enjoyed these so far!

(If you want to see a picture of the blind box toy check out the instagram or twitter post)
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