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Captured Beasts 4 - Puss Pocket Dragon by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Captured Beasts 4 - Puss Pocket Dragon


5 April 2020 at 15:33:31 MDT

here is number 4 of the Captured Beasts: Puss Pocket Dragon
Puss pocket dragons are a small animal that can be found in various places that are hot and dry but that can still sustain plantlife. Pretty much if a plant can still grow there this little bastard can live there. All the nubs on there back are not spikes the only hard spikes they have are on there face, there back nubs are actually pockets filled with foul smelling puss like fluid that they can pop and cause the fluid to just fly to make predators get away from them and it Really works nothing wants to eat these things unless it's dying and even then it questions if death is better then even trying to stomach eating one because of how foul these things smell when those pop open. An lastly you will never know where your going to find them, they burrow in sand, dirt, even smaller rock sense there not easily crushed. They'll chew there way into things and make a home in it, there teeth are sharp enough to easily chew into a tree so they could and have chewed into people's homes. If desperate enough there have been studies to show they can even chew through thinner metals. An they are immune to most poisons so they are one of the worst pests.
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