Happy Birthday Cindy 2020 by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Happy Birthday Cindy 2020


26 March 2020 at 05:53:49 MDT

my mom's birthday is today, she's turning 50, so I drew this for her. we make jokes about her being a "spitting raptor" or a dilophosaurus a lot cause when she gets excited she will somehow manage to spit in your eyes, like it's crazy like even with me wearing glasses she manages to aim for the eyes an get around the glasses and blind me lol. but I'm really sad cause I don't get to spend her birthday with her this year because of all the stuff going on and I'm really stressed out about her safety because she's high risk with her autoimmune disease and there's a shortage on her lupus medication... an I'm also super depressed, because pretty soon I wont even have a phone to talk to her to make sure she's doing okay because my service runs out and she doesn't have a computer so we wont even be able to talk.

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