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WolfCatShark Den by KibaTheDemonicWolf

WolfCatShark Den


10 November 2019 at 04:09:59 MST

an with Den here I have all the back logged artwork uploaded an then I'll have no artwork to upload anymore until I can get that room divider off amazon to block the heater from hitting my desk and straight up destroying my markers. but I'm hoping someone, anyone, that likes my art that has some extra money will be nice and click the amazon wish list in the links below all this text and get it or donate some money on ko-fi towards it if you can't swing the whole thing cause like I am starting to really miss drawing.
so yeah here is my wolfcatshark Den who I picked to be the 6th Halloween 13 drawing (even though I didn't finish them and only got this far sadly) but I picked him sense most people find him creepy but I think he's adorable <3 thought about doing a drawing with him holding a salmon again but decided to just go simple an just do this to show off his weird teeth better, so next time u:

Amazon Wishlist:
No money? no problem, please leave a nice comment to help me out! :3