Monthly Monster 7 - July by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Monthly Monster 7 - July


19 July 2019 at 15:09:08 MDT

I completely forgot to get this guy uploaded, this infection is just kicking me down and has me forgetting to do everything like all I've done lately is sleep and puke lately but I got like stuff to help an there is slow improvement so hopefully I get over this and get back into the swing of things cause I am so sick of this stuff like I just want to get back to working properly and get back on a normal schedule like come on.

here is number 7 of the Monthly Monsters: July where my patrons voted on Maned Wolf to be our Seventh victim to be monsterified!!


for $1 a month patrons get to vote on polls to choose which animal gets turned into a monster for that months monthly monster! an then I do a drawing video an upload it to youtube and for just that $1 you also get to see that video before it goes public! along with the other scheduled youtube videos like the artsnack videos for examle and many others!

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