Old - Demonically Demented Cover by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Old - Demonically Demented Cover


27 May 2016 at 23:42:57 MDT

cover for Demonically Demented a comic leaning towards humorous comic pages showing random times in my characters' lives. Not all pages will be funny! I want to use this as more of a draw different characters project then a humor comic, but I know myself it'll still have plenty of piss poor humor that'll make me giggle at least X3

but this is a warning stating that some pages may not be funny they may be emotional, triggering, or gorey.

characters shown in page. note: some of the colors went really funky on me during scanning..
Top Characters: Oobi'lik a hell demon, Otsoa a half demon wolf half devil, D-Jin (Above) a djinn, Gabriel a half arctic wolf half unknown, Acid a genetically altered fancy rat, Aero a dream demon, Koroshi a demonic Kai ken.
Bottom Characters first row: Raphael Dragonhyde the red panda, Lava poochie the lava dog, Chernaros the hell demon
Bottom Characters second row: Grimace Grin an oblivion demon, Dante a unicorn, Jingo (on Dante's shoulder) a Silver tailed zingora hopper and lastly Grave Robber the Necrodevourer.