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Derideal and friends by Kiaun

Derideal and friends


❤️Derideal fanart contest drawing is here! Derideal it's been a HUGE part of my life for years, hoping this story to reach other people's lives. I got a bunch of fanarts entries made with so much love that made me feel very happy. Luckily, Derideal is still far from over! ❤️

I started Derideal when I was 17 yo, and now it's been 16 years since then, more of less... got several years of hiatus in-between, I made more stories, some spin-off series, I was decided to finish this, but couldn't manage to cope with how bad the drawings were in the original comic, I had told myself to not re-draw the old pages because it was time I didn't had... but heck, I need to see it done better, so I decided to remake everything, just to not feel I was wasting time by just fixing up old things.

The remake of Derideal had it's high and lows, and probably didn't hit the mark for every person who loved the original story, the new version has much more background info, but I feel I kinda left out some character interactions that some people loved from the original--- still, I tried to keep it as much similar as possible, and had LOTS of fun drawing the dream and nightmare scenes, those are my favorite ones (despite they could be confusing for many people!)

thanks everyone who participated, thank you everyone who's been with me, reading the comic all of these years, supporting me by leaving comments, by telling me how much this story affected their lives, how much they like the world is set on. This comic have been growing with me as I was growing older myself, getting more skilled, getting more good at the comic-making craft, it makes me happy to think the comic has also been part of other's as they grow older themselves, and I'm thankful some of those people who read the comic since it started, it's still here, even after all of these years, even after the comic don't seem to end or go in a particularly happy direction.

I guess it isn't important, but this drawing also has my favorite color scheme, and these colors are the ones I usually use when making special derideal wallpapers and such!

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this drawing has an alternative version, in case you want to see it! there's only available for the pinup tier.

Tool used: Photoshop and Huion gt-220v2

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    Amazing cover piece for the comic here, my friend. :)