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Exoskeleton CT-MK1 by Kiaun

Exoskeleton CT-MK1


A exoskeleton I got commissioned to design for :iconstraviios:
got to say making something like this was much more difficult than create a normal armor suit, these exoskeletons got more pieces and I got to say despite it doesn't look as big as a juggernaut style of armor suit, they're more complex to imagine and come up with joints.
I spent some time looking references arount the internet, saw some cool stuff and ultimatetelly decided to make a exoskeleton with some chest plating, I think if it's compatible with different critter types, the leg part allows for bended style of legs and the chest piece provide some protection too.
was a requirement the hands allowed to handle tools, so this suit got fingers that would allow handling of different devices.

power enhacement should enough for allowing to carry a big weapon I think.

Tools used: ipad + Procreate for concept, Photoshop + Wacom for final render
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