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Techno Mage by Kiaun

Techno Mage


19 September 2020 at 11:35:23 MDT

a commission for Cross wanderer in twitter :)

a techno-mage type of concept, based off my Xeno Experiments Nova webcomic universe.

some sort of hard-holgorams and nanobots used as weapons, we were talking about adding a "mage-like" alternative to the universe in case I make a roleplaying game-book ruleset haha
I also made a modified version of the Exi clan's armor using the techy/scientist colors

if you're curious about the comic/story of X-E-N, you can read the comic here:

More sci-fi comics here:

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I would be very thankful <3


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    The composition here is gorgeous! I feel like I'm looking at a movie poster!

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      thanks! I tried haha