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Captain Marvel by Kiaun

Captain Marvel


25 March 2019 at 20:06:50 MDT

Ok! I saw Captain Marvel a couple of weeks ago... and decided to get on board with a fanart of her.
I knew the character from the time she was called Miss Marvel or something, with the other black suit iirc.
but I like how she look now, I also found a neat version of the suit and decided to draw her with this, idk from which comics it is, but I loved it :)

Anyway, the movie is kinda fun... not much because Captain Marvel is a awesome character per-se (I doubt she's anyone favorite character)... but mostly because it was fun seeing the other characters interact with her and young Nick Fury was fun.

anyway, I hope you like it!

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    I personally immensely dislike the character and feel they also wildly miscast who they got to play the role in the new movie.
    That said though, your fan art is bad a$$. I really like the way you use colour instead of outlines to convey the muscle definition, especially in the legs, and the pose is so heccin' dynamic it looks like it belongs right on a comic cover. (actually I'd say its even better than some actual published comic covers I've seen in the last few years. XD)