Cudactersaurus Rex by Kiaun

Cudactersaurus Rex


19 March 2019 at 21:31:53 MDT

Hey, I've been working on these little critter species since 3 weeks now? now with less intensity as I need to get back to my comics haha.
Cudacters are an open-species I made for fun, the idea is for people to use the idea and general look of these little droids to create their own original characters.

a little of their history:
"In the depths of space, an ancient computer analyzed the ecological equilibrium of different worlds. Yearning to know more about this balance, it developed little robotic creatures meant to learn and collect information about these various planets: The Cudacter. In mechanical eggs, these artificial intelligences crashed down on many worlds where they have patiently gathered information and materials to sustain their existence and develop their bodies. Nowadays, the Cudacter have detected climate anomalies and artificial extinctions of terrestrial animals. That's why they have decided to activate themselves after a long period of dormancy."

You can find more details and some examples at this website:

I'll try to upload more Cudacter designs to DA and FA soon.