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Tough Times by Kianga

Tough Times


“It was the longest day of my life… From the moment I woke up and bashed my head against the bunk. Everything felt wrong, looked wrong, WAS wrong. Stumbling through the streets like a warband hyped on citadel whiskey after a successful mission. Bumping into angry, snarling locals. Getting dirty looks and sniggers from passing guards. Nothing went right. Hunting was a disaster, stabbed myself more than anything else. Missed ALL my shots today which… has never happened. Made me angry with myself for the first time in years.”

“An unsuccessful hunt meant.. having to buy food. I hate going to the stalls as a gladium. People always think i’m out to steal not buy. And when I stumbled over and crashed through one of the stalls, I thought that was me in the stockade. Owner was furious, eyepatch or no that… heartless bastard roared me down to nothing. I decided it better to starve tonight and.. try again tomorrow. I’m happy I saved a life for my injury but can I really live like this..?”

(Story written by Loki)

A scene from Loki’s past, struggling to adapt to life with just one eye. There are moments when things become too much even for a charr warrior… The place is meant to be an old shower area, not used by legion soldiers but by gladium and other outsiders living in the Black Citadel.

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    poor fellow.

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      Yes... but I think he came out stronger in the end. Can't keep a good charr down!