Unfinished fantasy by Kiaki

Unfinished fantasy


24 January 2014 at 22:45:35 MST

This is the first 2 chapters of my unfinished fantasy story, but I'm not going to introduce all the horrors of that world in the first page. So although it seems pretty "every-day life", it's not. There is very little love involved, which is unlike me (although there is a side-story to keep the character development).

Also, I'm posting this here for fun to please no one but myself. Sorry. I shall post when I want, whenever I want, replies or not. PLEASE don't ask me to write more, or when I'm posting again, or if I've given up. In the past, those comments seem too demanding to me, and I do actually give up in the end. I haven't touched this one for about a year or so so it may be a lost cause, I might continue it one day. I tend to struggle with plot-lines and this one doesn't really have a good one (in my opinion) yet.

If you notice any typos or grammatical mistakes, do feel free to point them out. The first chapter is edited by myself but I haven't edited the second one. I've probably made a fair few.

I marked it as 13+ because of some darker parts. And although I don't want to spoil too much, I'll let you know that if I continue writing this story, we'll be hearing some more from Danny so don't fret about what happened to that character. I'm lot likely to kill him off so soon, although it does appear that I do.

I hope you enjoy it!

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