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The Big Reveal - Fluff Crush! by Khaoti

The Big Reveal - Fluff Crush!


Finally, the time has come. I am absolutely ecstatic to announce what all of this was leading up to, because it was near impossible to keep my mouth shut during this week as I got everything ready.

Guys, gals, nonbinary pals…I'm making a video game!

It's called Fluff Crush and it is an 18+ dating simulator with a focus on connection above all else. There are 6 characters with detailed, branching storylines for you to choose from and the more ahem mature scenes are also completely toggleable for those who aren't interested in that kind of content. On top of that, the cast is diverse in not only species and personality, but gender identity as well. There are 2 trans characters, two nonbinary characters, and two cisgender characters, so there's a little something for everyone to connect to.

The game is currently extremely early in development, but I have enough done in regards to character art, coding knowledge, and story outlines that I feel comfortable sharing it with you all! However, I am a one-man team and the amount of time I get to work on this currently completely relies on how much free time I get from my commission work. Heck, the reason I had to take a two month break was to get enough time and energy to work on Fluff Crush. So, if you like what you see, consider supporting me on Buy Me a Coffee! Or at the very least, hop over to see the full character art I've been teasing you all with this week ;3

Thank you so much and I hope to see you there!

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