Neonifur - Space Fridge (Part 1) by Keytarfox (critique requested)

Neonifur - Space Fridge (Part 1) (critique requested)


4 March 2013 at 07:30:37 MST

Track 1 from The Ridiculously New Neonifur Soundclump, download the full album here:


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I'm going to a boot sale

See what hardware I can find

To know what I want

Is just a show and tell

I'm in the wrong state of mind

Before me stands a man with a beard

Selling coffee pots and freestanding cookers

My attention is drawn behind him

To an appliance that is quite a looker

Fridge Freezer, oh Fridge Freezer! Cast dreams on me!

What a wonderful Fridge Freezer you happen to be!

I can travel back to the dinosaur age or up into space

With a Fridge Freezer just like you I can go to any place!

"This fridge freezer can do anything!

It can turn sprouts into pure gold and never runs out of freeze pops!

It can take you into the past or the future

And play for you the symphony of space as it spins its hat and cane"

What should I do first?

Perhaps I'll defy gravity

No, wait

There's way too much choice for me

I'll fly in the mouth of a gigantic hippopotamous

And barter with the sailors inside

I'll turn the concept of irony right on its head

Every law of physics will be mine!

"I love this fridge freezer combo

It's better than sex and christmas combined

It's got all the latest technology

Well actually I have no idea what that thing does

Probably something awesome though

like bend space and time or bake me some delicious pies"

Fridge Freezer, oh Fridge Freezer! Cast dreams on me!

What a wonderful Fridge Freezer you turned out to be!

I can shrink down to atomic size or grow large like the sun

With a Fridge Freezer just like you there's no end to the fun!

Fridge Freezer, my Fridge Freezer! Always a craze!

I'll love you forever and always 'til the end of my days!

I could climb inside into another world or create my own

With a Fridge Freezer just like you my mind is always blown!

"Now I'm off to space!

I think I'll go eat some toasties on Neptune

Or maybe I'll go have an adventure and meet aliens and discover lost treasure

I'll hunt the legendary space walrus, hovering majestically through the heavens

And it will all be possible, thanks to this fantastic fridge freezer

That I bought at a boot sale for a tenner"

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