[SL] Lifeguard On Duty by KeryoWolfe

[SL] Lifeguard On Duty


4 February 2019 at 16:19:57 MST

All the sexy ladies are safe when I'm on duty. ;3

Real talk: I know this seems out of season due to the freezing cold outside, but, fuck it, not gonna wait till summer to post this. Plus I wanted to take this time to show you guys my friends' sim, TNKR. TNKR stands for "The Nights of King's Row" (though sadly, has nothing to do with the Overwatch map of the same name). However it is the last Sonic sim in existence. (Technically, there is one other... but we don't speak of that one.)

Run by the Good Brothers, Kura and Eiji Fade (the latter goes by ThePervertedGentleman on the IBs), the sim is the last mobian bastion and is home for a lot of great members of the community. Many of my friends frequent the sim and even I pop in from time to time there. They just recently revamped the sim to add this nice beach and the main city got an upgrade as well. I do recommend you come check it out and show the sim some love, even if you don't have a mobian av. They welcome all types of avs from different walks of life.

You can check out the sim here:

And in case anyone asks, I wasn't asked to promote this sim. I'm doing this because I want to help my friends out in any way I can.