[SL] Hell's Elves by KeryoWolfe

[SL] Hell's Elves


28 November 2018 at 19:30:20 MST

Merry Christmas, motherfuckers.

Santa Wolfe is coming to town, giving all the naughty women some big green cock, and giving all the nice guys a pipe shot upside the head.

Christmas season is now here. What side are you on?

Sometimes, you just find an attire that just begs to have a picture taken. And this one is no different. The listing for it was called "Santa Daddy" but it was clearly a Biker Santa look, so I got it and made this little number. Few days before December, I know, but the Holiday season is already in the air. So fuck it.

And yes, the title is a reference to something, but it's so obscure that I doubt anyone will know what it is.