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MeowBall by kerplunk (critique requested)

MeowBall (critique requested)


31 July 2013 at 16:29:29 MDT



A sort of one-player pong thing. Use your arrow keys: up/down moves the right-hand paddle-paw, the left/right key moves the bottom paddle-paw. Don't let the ball of yarn bounce away! YOU ONLY HAVE 3!!!!

Not to worry, for as a proud feline, you can spontaneously generate matter, however, so every 10 times you bounce the ball, you get a new ball of yarn! Then you can mess up more frequently! <3

If you balls bounce away, then you got no more balls and you can't play with them anymore! Game over, man!

Goodluck, lolcats <3

This is a project worked on for my recent game design class, getting used to working in Flash. Code was Open Source creation from a former student, I cannot find the credits anywhere tho, and can't remember his name. I will fix this later.

Got a taste for making things move around inside an engine. Pretty fun! I added the ability for the ball to rotate, and also cleaned up the code mostly just to really get my hands and brain around every little nook and cranny of it.

It was written/concieved of in Actionscript 1, so I tried to "convert" it to Actionscript 2 :P Next up Actionscript 3 and Citrus!

I'm still learning, so please feel free to point out things maybe I could have done better. I'm still learning and want to have a thick skin. <3 Be fair <3

Sounds from <3 Credited accordingly within the SWF

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    Well, that was fun! But I think 300 are all the paw strikes I can make before I have to rest my fingers.

    But it's interesting that you can upload just any kind of Flash here. This opens some interesting new possibilities...

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      Yeah, it's pretty 1-dimensional so far. I set my sights low :V Glad it opened up opportunities for you, tho, that's definitely kewl :D

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        I beg to differ! I can move things in two directions, so it's pretty much 2-dimensional! :P

        But cool, I have some bizarre ideas that would be better expressed interactively. Now, I just have to find where I put that Actionscript compiler...

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          Lol you 1-upped my spacetime! <3

          you should tell me a bit about your ideas, i'm super interested in interactive media <3 If you ever need a second brain to work out a flash problem... well not sure if I can really help but hey another perspective always helps!