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Talon Mk.II Armor System: Armor by Kernkraftwerks

Talon Mk.II Armor System: Armor


The S-105 Talon Mk.II Light Power Armor System, also known as the Talon Assault Armor, is the standard ballistic protective armor system employed by the Strax Ascendancy's CAFSA.
During the campaigns on both Zecarov and Artemis, shortcomings in the modified Straxian Empire armor being utilized by Ascendancy infantry were becoming more and more apparent as more and more casualties were coming back as time went along. This fact was supported when the battles on Artemis Prime came to a close in a pyrrhic Ascendancy victory. The Grand General himself, along with his inner circle, decided after this fact that something had to be done to fix this ever growing problem before their invasion of Sathanas Prime, the Solaris Union's star sector headquarters. 

This timing was fortuitous, as the same year the Ascendancy entered into a much needed technology sharing pact with the Red Parallel faction, who were more than willing to share their knowledge in exchange for the Ascendancy's protection. It was around this time that the Rearmament Initiative was put into place by Ascendancy Citadel Command. Though this time, instead of a competition the design bureaus of Luna Tech and StrakArms were immediately chosen to work together to develop the next generation armor system.

Around this time, cybernetic augmentation began to become more and more of a commonplace in Ascendancy space, to the point that certain augmentations had become standard issue given to each CAFSA personnel. Because of this, Luna Tech decided to take advantage of the popular technology and incorporate it into their new program, designing a "light power armor" system instead of simple worn body armor. 

While Luna Tech developed the more advanced components for the armor, StrakArms designed the armor plating itself. They had decided on a multi layer system as opposed to the old solid metallic plates of the old armor. Simply coined the "stalkrov all-purpose structure", the outer layer is a stalkrov alloy, which provides both structural strength and ablative protection against laser-based weaponry. Underneath, a two-layer system consisting of boron carbide resin on top of a specially designed graphite composite provides an extremely durable shield against projectiles. The projectiles hit the boron carbide resin and shatter, while dispersing the energy across a base to prevent penetration and potentially fatal injury to the wearer. Below this layer sits carbon fiber, working in tandem with the graphite composite on top to disperse the energy over a greater area. 

Over the next five years various early components and designs were put through rigorous testing on each of the Ascendancay's core worlds and their varying ecosystems. This long testing phase finally resulted in the final product of the next-gen armor program that Ascendancy high command was looking for - the S-105.

With a new project name, the "Dralshy'a" (Straxian for "Strength") Light Power Armor System, the armor and co-designed Smart-Suit work in tandem with one another. The Smart-Suit itself slots into the users Standard Interface Apparatus (SIA) spinal augmentation that had become standard issue for Ascendancy soldiers. This allows the Smart-Suit to be able to show the users vitals on the back panel of the armor's powerpack and provide the user accurate heads up display information. The suit also offers temperature regulation for the user, providing heat or cooling depending on what it is set to using the Cerebral Control System neural implant which had also become standard issue. The Smart-Suit soon became the Ascendancy's duty uniform, what they wear whilst on duty in the event they need to don their armor quickly.

The cuirass of the S-105 plugs into the back ports on the Smart-Suit itself, allowing connection between the user and the armor's various systems as well as sending information to the screen on the powerpack for use by medics or engineers. 

Over the next three years the Talon Assault Armor was put into mass production both on Strax and the factory world Hellion V, allowing the main forces of the CAFSA to be equipped and trained with their new gear in time for Operation Behemoth - the invasion of Sathanas Prime. 

The Talon Assault Armor is still issued with only minor modifications by CAFSA personnel, it also becoming a cultural icon for the Ascendancy due to the iconic 'faceless' helms. 
FINALLY done :O This has been the big personal project I've been working on over the weekends for a few months now.

A fully redesigned reference for the Ascendancy's infantry kit, including details on their standard issue cybernetics <3

Also I know all I've posted here lately is lore stuff uwu I'll be posting other work soon <3

Strax Ascendancy universe, character, art (c) Kernkraftwerks

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