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New Keri con badge by Kerijiano

New Keri con badge


12 December 2013 at 05:05:17 MST

*edit* derp f5, forgot her freckles >_>

Yep, felt I needed a new con badge since my old one's Keri in her plain snow leopard form =3 that and I felt my art skillz improved since then >_>

so if you're looking for me at confuzzled, look for this! :D teh happy snowie gryphon <3

Confuzzled has caused me so much stress this week it's unreal D: lost my passport on wednesday, so I had to get an ID thingy filled out and sent, which I did on thursday, but thanks to the royal wedding I have to wait til tuesday to get it, lost my bank card (my own complete fault - put it in the bin because it was in a plastic bag :/) so I have to get tickets to Kai's via cash and borrow my mum's brown card until I can get a new one issued, which'll take a week or so and ARRRGHHH. Also my fursuit may not arrive on time for me to take her to confuzzled :C BUT in the event of that happening, I still have Rusty's ears and tail, so it's not a complete loss =3

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