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The Dead Abides -- Inks by Keovi

The Dead Abides -- Inks


Spent several scrumptious hours inking this bad boy at 11x17" in my stream last night. Sooo satisfying to do a detailed ink piece again, man.

Next up.. separate the color screens and prepare for printing! I can't wait to show you how this turns out when the shirts are finished :D

Again, if you missed it last time, this is a shirt for one of the backer tiers for Sofawolf's Anubis Dark Desire anthology Kickstarter, found here:


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    At the risk of sounding like a teenager, these lines are SICK! I love it! All of this is traditional?? So crazy considering they're so crisp! Ahhh! wonderful!

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    Your link is broken!

    I would love nothing more than to back this Kickstarter and get one of these shirts. Ahhh they're going to be so cool!

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    This is so epic!