Sofawolf Holiday 2015 Card by Keovi

Sofawolf Holiday 2015 Card


21 December 2014 at 14:23:34 MST

Oh man, what a treat, and what an honor to paint this year's holiday card for the wonderful folks, Alopex, Brer, Kyell, and Kit Silver of Sofawolf! This is the largest I have worked with gouache (approx 9x12"?), but I thoroughly enjoyed working feverishly throughout the day so I could meet up with friends for Halloween shenanigans. Plus, who can resist the charm of painting happy lolling husky tongues and bright mischievous eyes?

Anyway! Now that the holiday season is upon us, and those of you who are receiving these as snail-mailed cards have received them for the most part, I think it is safe to share this painting with the furry intertube world at large! :)



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    this is too cute :)

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    Super cute and amazing job on the execution! Doing a fisheye like that seems difficult to master. I also just really love the pine boughs around it, such a festive feel! Amazing job :D