Keovi's Free Ref Art Series - Mustelid by Keovi

Keovi's Free Ref Art Series - Mustelid


19 December 2014 at 03:23:46 MST

Get the details and source file here!

The first critter in my "Keovi’s Free Reference Art" series is here! Breaking the ice is a mustelid that can be a ferret, weasel, or marten type tube creature, depending on what you want it to be. You are welcome to accessorize, modify, color, etc—just keep my signature and URL on the image (I encourage you to add credits for your coloring contribution).

The PSD is set up in what I hope is an organized and straightforward way. Basic Photoshop skills are helpful, especially some familiarity with masks.

-Character, background, and text layers are each labelled and grouped according to category.

-To change the character’s base color, you don’t have to lock transparency, paint manually, or anything; just bucket fill with the color of your choice! Likewise for line art color, background, etc.

-Since character layers are masked in their own group, you can add layers and paint as loosely as you like without worrying about coloring outside the lines. Quite handy for adding markings!

Okay, that should be sufficient info for you to get started! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for these, so please feel free to show me when you’re done.

Again, these are free for use/modification, but my signature and URL must be kept on the image.


Get the details and source file here!

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    This is great! And so generous of you.

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    oh, this is neat

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    Make sure you specify whether or not you will allow people to use this for profit. (pay someone else to color it or adoptables.) I don't allow that on mine and people break that rule a lot. >.<

    This is super cute!!