Greetings, all. I'm known on DeviantART as Terachanglianzylan, and that's where I post most of my art. I'll post cool stuff that I'm proud of and maybe some extra stuff that I don't put on DA. I don't really use my Tumblr for art, just reblogging random stuff.
I like to consider myself an aspiring cartoonist and my current project is my webcomic called NightSpace ( You should go check it out because it's pretty cute.
I've been drawing since I was in fifth grade, which was I don't even know how many years ago, and I've always had an interest in writing.
I'm really afraid of offending people (usually) so if I say anything you think is rude please let me know. And I apologize a lot. Sorry.
Don't be afraid to try to talk to me because I'm a pretty cool cat. I think. Yeah.



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My Webcomic~

on 7 February 2014 at 17:50:52 MST

So, some of you guys don't really know me...I think. But I think you all should know that my first priority art-wise is always my comic. Would you like to read some of it? I really hope you would... So I'll just drop these links here.
You can read what I have up to when I just updated this morning here:
There's like 74 pages right now, and I'm in the middle of chapter five.

And it's on SmackJeeves too~! I've only got the first chapter up so far, but I hope to get the rest of them up soon and then start updating it here regularly too. (I will be continuing to update on the other site). If you like my comic you should totally go become a fan of it because I think it's pretty cool.

I guess you might want to know what it's about... It's like, Sci-fi fantasy and it's got fish, cat, bird, kind of bat, demon and angel, and idk espeon-looking aliens. I'm not exactly sure what category it falls under... but it's a big adventure thing going on. IDK really how to describe it.

FYI I update every Tuesday and Friday, usually around 7 AM EST.

So yeah. I'm a cool cat and you guys are cool cats.

Have fun kiddies,

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