Inkii Elven Bust by KeishaMaKainn

Inkii Elven Bust


19 October 2014 at 20:59:10 MDT

Been putting together a large zip file of a lot of the hi-res stuff I have done over the past year for my patreon followers, and in the middle of it I found one of my line art images of an Elven Inkii. Decided I wanted to give the lines a bit of some colour and tossed it into the file. Still sorting through some of the other images and adding them as well. This is probably going to be a large file >.> Beginning to think it might be two zips, if it gets to big.

Also wanted to note that at the end of the month I will be doing a vote for 3-4 themed pieces that patrons will get to comment and vote for. Right now I'm taking suggestions for themes and when everything comes around there will be a vote for patrons. So, if you'd like to come chill and get access to some cool things my Patreon is linked below. Also please, everything there is marked NSFW.

With that said, lets have some fun After Dark ;)

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    Elves the non WOW type make everything better so does their subterranean cousins the Drow

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      Yep, no WoW here^^ At least not at this time. I suspect given time I'll be drawing a pandaren and worgen at some point. >.>

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        Thats one main reason i could not stand WOW I hated the super long ears and eye brows of them....

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          The eyebrows are what got me. I was always, what? "How did this evolve, and why don't the orcs have something similar in appearance?"

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            Yea considering I played Warcraft 1 and 2 never had those all official art never had em somehow in 3 /frozen throne then into WOW they suddenly sprout giant eyebrows and ears....