Raffle Win a hybrid Adoptable - Ends May 7th 2014 by KeishaMaKainn

Raffle Win a hybrid Adoptable - Ends May 7th 2014


3 May 2014 at 00:25:53 MDT

A little something for my viewers her at Weasyl, plus its May and I tend to give things away in May.
Cause I can. Do I really need a reason

Anyways here's the skinny

  • This is for my watchers. If your not a watcher you can't participate in this raffle. (no I don't care if you watch me just to enter.)
  • You must then comment below with "Enter Me" or something similar and I will give you a number to you. On the 7th I will put the numbers into a random generator and one person will get picked.
  • Once a person has been picked I will let the winner know by replying to their comment, and I will note them a link with an unedited version of the characters ref sheet.

And that's it really.
I'm going to be doing this through out the month, so if you missed out don't worry you'll get another chance.

Also winners will not get to take part in the rest of the raffles for the month. This is just to give others a fair chance.

And last but not least. Have fun.

[Gender is up to the winner]

Winner: Scheknul

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    may i enter your raffle you most epic person in the world XDDD btw RAWR thanks for the chance <33 loves your art

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    Enter me braces for impact.

    Thanks for the chance!

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      Your number is #2
      Good luck!

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      Sorry for the delay. You are the winner. I will be noting you shortly with the download link for the character.

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        Thanks again for the chance. My bday is coming up, so this makes me feel even more so special <3.

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          Well happy birthday xD
          And if I haven't mentioned it before I love your icon xD

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            Nah, you didn't. It's from Tron :D.

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      congrats :DDD

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    So cute! I'm not a fan of horse types so please don't enter me in the raffle. I just wanted to say she is super adorable and good luck to all!