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"I'm a Pepper, too!" by keirajo

"I'm a Pepper, too!"


It's true.

I love Dr. Pepper. It's my drink of choice.

This will probably be my icon for July over at FA. chuckle

Dr. Pepper belongs to the Dr. Pepper Corporation, Wabi/Despair Dog species belongs to me.

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    No your wrong dear...
    Dr. Pepper is owned by me lol

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      Ooops...that's right!!! tee-hee

      I thought you'd like this one! Have you tried the seasonal "Vanilla Float" Dr. Pepper yet? It's pretty good!!!

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    Root Beer's my soda of choice, but Dr. Pepper is a close second. Drinks with Wabi

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      You're so lucky! You live in the HOME-STATE of Dr. Pepper!!! I bet you can get it in every restaurant and fast food place! lol

      I like root beer,'s my choice when there isn't Dr. Pepper available in restaurants/fast food places. Since any food place will have a root beer choice of some sort, usually.

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        Yeah, Dr. pepper is pretty much everywhere.

        It's the opposite for me here; if Root Beer isn't available, I go for Dr. Pepper lol

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          Most places here are straight Pepsi or Coke products......I don't like the taste of either! lol I can usually handle their company's brands of root beer, though!

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            I'll drink those too~

            ...Dang it, all this soda talk is making me thirsty, but I don't have any soda in my house lol

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              Awwwwwwwwww...poor thing! pats shoulder

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    Hee! Mom lived in the US in the early 80s, maybe circa 1982, and she loved the commercials for Dr. Pepper. :w00t!:

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      The 80's is the era I grew up in, so things like this were common to me...nowadays I don't see as many soda commercials on t.v., unless Pepsi or Coke has something big to hype. But the 80's were filled with tons of commercials for all the big sodas. grin

      And thanks for the favorite, too!