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Transformers OC sparkling refs (WIP) by keirajo

Transformers OC sparkling refs (WIP)


I honestly have no idea when I'll get to color these,'s the lineart to look at in the meantime. XD As you can tell, even when I don't plan to have them in their adult forms anytime soon, I still design the refs with them--this is mostly because it's easier to go back and simplify the "child designs" when I know what the adult designs look like. :)

From my Galvatron/Rodimus Prime G1S3 fan-fics:

Novablaze--the oldest (firstborn) of Galvatron and Rodimus Prime's sparklings ("spawn" as Galvatron calls them). Honorable, smart.......kinda is looking a lot more like Galvatron nowadays, in a physical resemblance. Has a specially powerful Spark that Hook and First Aid call a "God Spark".

Stormbreaker--the secondborn. There were some problems during her development (namely, Starscream's meddling). She's creative, friendly and very normal. Totally looks like Rodimus. She's also absolutely spoiled by Galvatron.

Ion Stream--not technically born yet, not even conceived not even started to be thought about other than that Rodimus wants to have another. So, what there is about him (his concept and what I plan for him) is on the ref right now. XD

From my Megatron/Rodimus IDW fan-fiction:

Moonflare--she is at least conceived, though not born yet. I've had a lot of interest in a crossover of my two ongoing series and--as her ref shows, yes, I've planned that in the works. :)

Transformers belongs to Hasbro/Takara Tomy. OCs belong to me.

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    So many awesome details!

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      Thanks! Not super-great at drawing robots, but I tried my best on 'em! :)

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        They are definitely hard. I struggle with robot things (well, even man made things like cars/buildings/etc.) X'D

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          Perfectly straight shapes are not my thing! Who always has a ruler on hand?! XD

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            So true~ (I end up using other things like the edge of paper or the side of my phone hahaha)

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              Definitely true! XD