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new material experiment--multiple things by keirajo

new material experiment--multiple things


So, our local Hobby Lobby has decided to promote only their own materials now--the drawing pen and pencil section is shrinking to make more and more room for their Master's Touch brand and their paper aisle (sketchbooks and the like) is COMPLETELY all Master's Touch papers.


Plus a new, reduced cost marker brand has surfaced at places like Target and Wal-Mart, called "Azure".

I'm here today to highlight these new materials for growing artists. :)

From an honesty standpoint--this is a good place to begin for people on a budget or new artists afraid to spend hundreds of dollars on premium art supplies. Master's Touch can be hit and miss with their materials--their markers are good quality, but their pencils are kinda meh.

Their pens, though--I would DEFINITELY look somewhere else. The ink is not a pure black. I know I "ink twice", but I had to go over my lines FOUR TIMES to get the black this dark with the Master's Touch drawing pens. And I apparently got a pack with a bad brush pen--so, Lance's hair here is done with my Japanese brush pen--the brush pen was so bad that it was foamy/moldy when I opened it up. :< Perhaps Hobby Lobby doesn't know how to store or pack drawing pens, I dunno.

The paper, used here, was Master's Touch smooth Bristol--besides being cheaper than my standard Strathmore Bristol, it does have the positive of being VERY BRIGHT WHITE. Paper quality is a bit thinner than Strathmore and "smooth" is apparently not smooth enough for me.

The markers--Azure--these are decent cheaper alternatives to a professional art marker. However, I would take care as the colors don't match what's on the barrel (hardly at all in some cases), definitely make yourself a color guide on some scrap paper. The markers only contain a bullet tip and chisel tip, so there's no brush tip as many pro art markers have nowadays, can make blending a bit rougher. If you use a blender marker--get yourself a single Copic, Master's Touch or Prismacolor blender marker with a brush tip on it.

So, that's my mini review of new art supplies. :) Enjoy the demo of Lance from "Let's Go". XD

Lance belongs to Pokemon/Nintendo/GameFreak.

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    This is a cute piece and also a very handy review on those supplies!

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      Thanks! :D

      As an artist who's tried a lot of things over the years--I try hard to share my musings with other people. I know not all artists or want-to-be's can start with a $100 marker set or $200 digital art set (including tablet and purchasing a drawing program). So, like to help people see there are cheap alternatives to start out with, before deciding if a medium is right for them! :)

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        Oh gosh yeah. Things are really pricey. Thankfully, you can find tablets for less than $50 and tons of free programs, same with markers and paints, there are cheaper sets to get into first and that is really important. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for cheap supplies allowing me to be creative and test the waters.

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          It’s a good way to experiment and find your groove with something, before spending more money than you feel comfortable with and feeling like you fail at using the expensive medium first. Then, once you feel good with cheaper ones, you can move to making a bigger investment and growing your art. :)