WYSLMT cover (colored version) by keirajo

WYSLMT cover (colored version)


14 October 2020 at 11:29:59 MDT

So, anyhow...........a couple years ago I wrote a short quartet of "Transformers" fan-fiction featuring the pairing between Galvatron and Rodimus Prime. Why? Because when I joined AO3, I read a lot of those 'fics and really enjoyed them. But none ever tackled the question--how would Galvatron treat his rival-lover once Rodimus Prime was forced to go back to Hot Rod (the events of the G1S3 episode "The Return of Optimus Prime") and I was curious about it.

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" was my take on the idea--of course, it took me three stories previous before I could answer the question, because I feel like I had to set up the G1S3 universe with this viewpoint in order to answer that question myself.

By the time I got to this 4th story, I had a small fanbase who wanted to read more--and I expanded the G1S3 universe out further with sequels galore. I'm currently at work on a new 'fic in the 3rd arc of series featuring this pairing: "Torch of Victory".

But here's the quartet of stories where it all started: https://archiveofourown.org/series/1089798

I still am not great at drawing robots, but I'm not unhappy with this piece for my skill level at drawing robots. :)

Transformers, Rodimus Prime and other characters belong to Hasbro.

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