Jamie Fern AT (colored) by keirajo

Jamie Fern AT (colored)


5 December 2019 at 07:06:23 MST

If I remember correctly, I did this [lineart] in 2017 for Inktober. Recently I uncovered the artist tile with this drawing and took it to the laundromat with me to color. I added the gel pen bits after I got home from the laundromat.

I just felt like it would look better in color, that's all. :)

And it's not like I could take my big project piece to the laundromat to work on.............it's too big! XD

Character belongs to me. :)

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    This is awesome! The colors are bright and beautiful and the shading is fantastic.

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      Thanks so much! It’s been interesting to see how new sets of markers work. No matter how many say “alcohol markers”, “blends easily with other markers”......it’s not always the same or as compatible as they say! XD

      Like these Master’s Touch markers (Hobby Lobby’s higher end brand of markers)—I definitely like their brush end better than Prismacolor’s brand. For something a little cheaper than Copics.....it’s a pretty good investment! And now they’ve started selling the markers individually......before you had to buy packs of 6 and the color variations were limited. Ha-ha.......I’ve bought too many shades of red or pink though......! XD

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        You're welcome! That's so cool, and yeah it's always interesting and a learning curve.

        I can relate, not too long ago I got some Copic markers in gray shades and then remembered I have a set of Blick markers in various gray shades, so I didn't really need those.... sometimes we forget, or we think we'll need every shade we buy, or we just like the pretty colors! XD

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          Red's my favorite color, but I don't have a ton of characters WITH that color.................yet I buy more and more shades of them. XD I buy a lot of grey shade tones, too.........and tend to use only 2-3 regularly. I always find it amusing how you can buy color sets and usually get lots of blues and greens, but never any purples (beyond Violet or maybe a Lavender) or Orange. I mean..............surely there are variant shades of orange out there that don't just devolve into PEACH. XD

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            Haha, that's so true xD Orange does seem difficult to find.

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              I know, right? XD