PokeInktober #30--Giratina by keirajo

PokeInktober #30--Giratina


31 October 2019 at 10:20:20 MDT

A happy Giratina wearing a scarf Shaymin gave it. :)

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak. :)

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    AAAAA they look so cozy!!! I love this so much

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      Thanks so much! This is probably my favorite Dragon-type Pokémon out of all of them. (I can’t tell you how many Giratina plushes I have! XD)

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        SAME I love Giratina! and oh gosh i really wanna get some giratina plushies!! im thinking of maybe getting the giratina pokedoll plushie because it's just adorable

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          I have a few Origin Forme and a few of the regular ones! I think that’s why Platinum is one of my favorites of the series (besides the subtle mentions of Lance! XD), because of the focus on Giratina and the Torn World! :)

          If you can get an actual Pokémon Center chibi plush—get one! Those are the best and so cute! :D

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            Aaaaaa nice!! I've been meaning to get platinum-- the focus on Giratina seems fun!

            I'm going to scour ebay and hope for the best i think!! i might end up with a bootleg but still! I'm hoping for tons of giratina merch once the sinnoh remakes come out

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              I loved playing it! Besides HeartGold, it’s the only Pokémon game I’ve played more than once. I’ve played Platinum 2-1/2 times! XD

              I really would like for them to do a remake! HGSS was a great Johto update and ORAS did a fabulous job on Hoenn. So it’d be amazing to see what they’d do with Shinou.....the Underground and the Torn World and all that! :D

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                You're definitely tempting me! I'm trying to collect all the DS pokemon games anyway, so I was already gonna get it, but I'm looking forward to it!

                Yeah! I've heard rumors, and I'm sure it's going to happen eventually, but I would definitely love it! It's one of my favorite regions already, and seeing it with even more improvements would be fantastic

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                  Given that Sword/Shield is looking more like a disappointment to the long-time fans of the franchise........I do hope they'll do the Shinou remake, just for them. I'll definitely buy it if they do remake it! The "Diamond/Pearl" anime is also my favorite of all the t.v. seasons as well. I bet they could really do something amazing with the Underground in a remake--there's a good multiplayer thing they could revamp, since GameFreak is all about multiplayer now. XD

                  I hope you can find it somewhere and it's NOT going to cost a small fortune! :D