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new marker fun: Morelull by keirajo

new marker fun: Morelull


5 October 2019 at 14:02:16 MDT

A scanner would probably ruin the colors just as much as a photo does, but here is the drawing I did--a very colorful Morelull to show off the techniques of color-tip mixing and blender-tip light/dark toning. These Chameleon markers are really amazing in small spaces, you can really do tons of great things with them. They're slightly cheaper than Copics, around the price of Prismacolors. I hope this brand of markers will go somewhere, so they can be sold in more outlets (meaning more places will carry them--around here, only Michael's does at this point) and they will add more colors to their repertoire.

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak. :)

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    ooooOOOOOooooo pretty :o

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      I LOVE these markers.............I wish I could show you what these things really look like in real life.............ooooh, I'll just have to draw you something and color with them! But, like many things, it looks 100-times better in reality! :D

      Thanks so much! :D

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    I Want This Framed And On My Wall QuQ ❤️

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      D'awww, thanks! I love how it looks--and so much better in real-life. :D

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    I LOVE the gradient you have with these markers. Great work~

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      Thanks! :D

      The one thing these Chameleon markers are excellent at is giving people who don't quite understand techniques with the colorless use a colorless blender pretty well!