Big Project 2019-May: Devil's Alliance by keirajo

Big Project 2019-May: Devil's Alliance


20 May 2019 at 15:34:55 MDT

Fresh and brand-spanking new! I just finished it (the shiny gel-pen bits) a few moments ago and photographed it on my desk here at work. XD

Seth was once known as Seishi--the job class of Samurai--he had a good life, a passionate lover and a true friend/teacher............until the day he was betrayed by comrades and his sword, Muramasa, was cursed and tried to eat his soul. His friend, Kouji, sealed the soul-eater inside of him and recommended reincarnating into a new job class that could handle a soul-eating beast........and so he changed into the Dark Knight job class and took the name of Seth. Not long after, Kouji and Kenta were killed and left Seth unable to bear being on his home Netherworld he went to Dreamcatcher Netherworld, which was supposedly completely peaceful--if Demons could ever really be at peace!

Kyle was a stubborn young man, who argued with his super-brilliant mother and railed at his father's affection. He wanted to be strong and he wanted people to know him as an individual and not his parents' child. He ran away to train himself............and one day, in the woods, he ran into the wandering Dark Knight. Together they wandered, having adventures and surviving dangers.........all to learn the deeply hidden secrets of Dreamcatcher Netherworld and it's strange "peacefulness".

Hey, plot summary in two paragraphs! XD

Disgaea characters belong to NipponIchi Software, story and all done by me. :)

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    I don't think I trust that bear creature up there xD

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      The Bear job class is inherently scary to begin with! XD

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    Amazing!! I love the white outline on the two characters in front.

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      Thanks! I wanted to find some way to set them apart from the background and I've seen a lot of comic book artists use this technique! :D

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        You're welcome! Yeah, I've seen that too! I think it looks really cool when it's done well.