Big Project 2019-February: Donut Delight by keirajo

Big Project 2019-February: Donut Delight


12 February 2019 at 11:20:57 MST

It never takes me long to draw a Wabi pic--it only takes me longer to figure out the outfit/design/pattern! XD

This outfit is a weird mash-up of something Chinese and classical Greek.............and the stickers for the pattern were chosen by my buddy Kilo (thenextgenhero on FA and Weasyl) from a batch I showed her via e-mail. Once the donuts were the chosen pattern, it only took me rushing to the kitchen to find the cake sprinkles I've never ever used on anything (and probably technically aren't good for food consumption anymore anyways) to use on the background.

For this I used some markers (border and clothing), crayon (background--there are actually 3 shades of pink there) and colored pencil (Wabi's main bodies).

I will never get his feral form looking non-cartoony in my style. wry laugh

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    This looks really nice! The idea of using sprinkles in art is interesting, but definable valid and cool.

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      Thanks so much! I was just happy that they didn't like............."melt" into the glue overnight. I took a pic before the glue dried and after--but either way it was shiny, so I couldn't get around that in the photo! XD

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    The sprinkles are so cute haha! I also love the pose, coloring, the frame... this is all in all a great picture :)

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      Yay! Thanks! :D I felt since I had Wabi's other forms as the bottom border, I only needed something simpler for the rest of it! :)

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        That makes sense :) Your placement of everything is wonderful!