Big Project 2019-January: The Coming Storm by keirajo

Big Project 2019-January: The Coming Storm


21 January 2019 at 13:11:15 MST

So I've finished up January's entry of my yearly "big project" series............traditional works done on comic board (11"x17'")--as such, these won't scan well, so this is a photograph trimmed and color-adjusted in Manga Studio.

"The Coming Storm"--this was a fan-fic I wrote a million years ago (the 1990's, when I was most active in Transformers fan-fic writing as a "youth"--and, actually, just writing in general) was meant to bridge the weird gap between the premeire episode of "My Little Pony" (later titled "Rescue at Midnight Castle" for the t.v. series break up of it) and the animated film that came out in theaters. Of course, for some reason back then I forgot about the second t.v. special, "Escape from Katrina" (it may have been because I had the first special and movie on VHS, but not the second special).

I originally did a cover for it in the 1990's, which had Firefly and Medley flying in a storm and a young Wind Whistler was coming to warn them.................later, I revamped this cover with more Ponies, and uploaded it back in my early days at Fur Affinity (2012). I thought redrawing this as a "big project" piece would be a good start to my "big project" year of art. So enjoy some classic MLP characters in an "epic" piece. :)

My Little Pony and all subsequent characters belong to Hasbro.


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    Watched some episodes of the show as a child, but all of it vanished from memory.

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      The very first, premeire episode, that I mentioned--it was shown in prime time (after 7 p.m.) and was basically a musical--had some big names in it like Sandy Duncan and Tony Randall. It was a little bit darker than the t.v. series that happened later and had some Dungeons & Dragons elements to it............I was old enough to remember it, being around the age of 10. :)

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    I've been thinking about doing a "big project" thing myself, but the longer I take on something, the more frustrated/bored I get. How do you do it?? @_@

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      An hour or so at a time over a couple weeks....................and music. :)

      If I don't do this, my comic board will never get used--or get reduced to smaller sizes to use. XD

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        Good idea!

        I have a lot of thing's that'll go unused too, so I better get to it xD

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          Sounds like a plan! :D

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    Oh my gosh, this is so detailed and amazing! Little baby Gusty is so cute! I really adore the frame/border.

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      Thanks so much! :D

      I really had a lot of fun with it! Of course, I realize I forgot the existence of "Escape from Katrina" when I did this story and the baby Ponies in it were all ones who are adults in the movie............but still--it is a great piece and I'm very happy with it! :D

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        You're welcome!
        Oh haha I didn't even notice. Yeah, you should be happy with it!