moonlight flight by keirajo

moonlight flight


12 January 2019 at 20:03:02 MST

This is the last of the most recent batch of digitally colored art from my to-color folder. I'm on vacation all of next week, so I'll be working simultaneously on coloring some more stuff and emptying out my well as coloring on the big monthly project piece. I have it all inked, but the coloring will take a bit since it's too big. XD

So, I tried a new thing for clouds and...................I think I'll go back to my old way of doing clouds. I wanted some semi-transparent clouds, but..............I think they're a little too see-through here. Ah well, maybe it'll turn out better next time!

Caneel [CLOSED] species belongs to KingOfMaggots (username on most every site), Velvet Rain belongs to me.

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    Looks like a fun character.

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      Thanks! I don't draw every character I've gotten over the years that often--but last year I tried to draw at least everyone once--whether a big pic like this or in my sketchbook. :)

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        Yep. It kinda' feels as though you're obligated to show all your characters some love.

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          Yep! And with a gallery—I feel bad for my characters with only a couple pieces (and Keira-Jo has over 100!), so I try to give everyone a picture or two each year! :)

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    I've always liked this dude's design :)

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      Me too! :D

      Thanks! :D