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year of sketchbook arts--week 48 by keirajo

year of sketchbook arts--week 48


It's Firefly. Just because. :)

I saw that Hasbro put out..............35th (MAN!) anniversary edition My Little Pony figures--of all the original wave one gen1 release. our Target, it was absolutely hidden on a backside endcap display--lower shelf, so you'd have never have known they existed............unless you're a nerd like me and you go up-and-down every aisle of the toys. XD I swear my G1 Firefly does not look like this anniversary version, I'm not sure if they created a new mold to emulate the 80's look or what. The eyes...................looked far too small for the figure. @_@

I'll be honest, it looked like one of those cheap dollar store versions. XD

Firefly belongs to MLP/Hasbro. :)

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    Not very familiar with the series, but this looks good!

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      The original debut G1 special--albeit an absolute musical (and how could it NOT be with Sandy Duncan and Tony Randall doing main voices!)--had a lot of roots in Dungeons & Dragons world and mythology. Especially when you look at the demonic centaur villain, Tirac--and his henchman, a Manticore (really a magically transformed human prince! XD)--so the original t.v. special was a bit dark and showed its fantasy roots in addition to creating a phenomenon for little girls' toys. :)

      Thanks! :D

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        OH... didn't know that. Now I'm interested in checking it out. XD

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          It’s worth it to see—then regret how fluffy it became! XD