Stormbreaker ref by keirajo

Stormbreaker ref


23 November 2018 at 18:27:04 MST

It was incredibly sunny and bright inside my apartment the day I took these photos.

So, this is Stormbreaker..............the "happy accident". It wasn't actually intended to give Galvatron and Hot Rod anymore "spawn" after Rodimus Prime used the power of the Matrix to save the universe from the Hate Plague. But........when I began setting up for the next big story after my original quartet, it came about the plot would've been furthered in a better way by doing it.

Because, it was always meant to be a kidnapping and torture plot............and why would Starscream even bother kidnapping Hot Rod without a purpose? After suggestions were made by his Quintesson partner about studying why only Rodimus/Hot Rod and Galvatron could ignite newsparks and forge sparklings--Starscream chose to make this an instrument of revenge against Galvatron. It was also revealed that because of the process of bringing a newspark to full sparkling form is a long and monthly-intense process............Starscream was able to add some of his "genetics" (Sparklight and CNA........and materials to the forge--essentially conveying a "rape" of poor Hot Rod) to the ignited newspark and frame core, therefore this is why Stormbreaker's alt mode is very decisively an aerial form.

So, she's still a "baby" and will be a baby for quite some time in the ongoing stories. Gotta have some kind of cuteness in there somewhere after the dark plots of the bad guys. :)

Transformers belongs to Hasbro, OC belongs to me.

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    I love how cute this ref is! Especially the plush :D

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      The plush became a big part of........a running gag for poor Galvatron! XD

      Thanks so much! :D

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        Aw, awesome! You're welcome :D

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        (Well, maybe not awesome for Galvatron) xD

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          Heh, it's true! Anyone else he'd blast into a million bits, but not his own daughter. XD