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18 January 2018 at 10:26:19 MST


Wow.............this would've been drawn around the time I left Fur Affinity and this new design for Keira-Jo was still "rather new". People over at FA actually got angry at me for changing her design..............the design of my own character, no less. @_@ In the end, it just became one of the many more reasons I had to leave Fur Affinity.................

You can tell it was drawn a long time ago and it was during a transition of Keira-Jo's old look and her new look. It has the long legs, which I'd been known for back then, drawing Sonic characters.........and the lipstick, which was one of those odd "she has to look female" mentalities I had. Even just a few months after this was guys here watched me solidify Keira-Jo's newer "Sega style", as opposed to her old comic book based/fan-fiction style. For me, redesigning her was more of making her modern and viable as a character to draw anytime and anywhere.............her old look was very much meant for my fan-fiction universe, as a foil and a partner to Evil Sonic. The new look is meant to make her more "fursona" than "fan-fiction". :)

Echidnas of this design belong to Sega, character belongs to me. :)

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    Evil Sonic's partner? Waaaaaat?

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      When I wrote my fan-fics based on the comics.............I kinda had to set my rule of "canon up to 'Sonic' #50 and 'Knuckles' #20". So when Evil Sonic returned to harass Sonic's Mobius........he looked for an Echidna partner to help him also harass Knuckles at the same time. He found a sassy lady named Keira-Jo.............and they wound up in love and lived happily ever after <--though not completely happily ever after. But they had fun until she died in my fan-fics. :)

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      Wow.....holy cow........check out this 2014 pic, then--Evil Sonic and Kei with their daughter, Kara-Li! XD

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    I always think because she is evil she has sassy lip stick

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      That may well be! XD

      I find it funny I just...................went with the whole Rouge thing when drawing female Sonic characters way back when. chuckle

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        There is nothing wrong with that, I have a massive echidna thing c.c

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          Nothing wrong with Echidnas at all. looks away from own icon

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    I love it! It can be so fun to revisit old drawings. I think it's cool to see how characters change over time. Her colors are so pretty :)