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Devil's Alliance


7 December 2017 at 16:19:44 MST

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo......................after binging on "Persona 5" for a good chunk of the year, I did not go back to "Final Fantasy XV" and instead threw "Disgaea 5" back into my PS4. XD

I created some new characters of existing job classes (as introduced in my "Saga of the Second Stringers" comedy comics), to work on improving certain things to achieve special weapons or trophies. I created a new Martial Artist (named Kyle) along with a Bear (named Lance) to work on mastering Magichange together. I also created a new Devil Knight/Dark Knight (named Seth) to master ALL potential weapon classes a humanoid job class could--so that I could eventually acquire the ultimate weapon of each weapon type in the random levels of the Item World.

It was funny, because after I started talking to them in the Pocket Netherworld..............a story for the three of them came into my mind so fast, I nearly abandoned "Convergence" right then and there to work on it. Nearly. Instead, I wrote down massive details of a story I would like to do with the three--which isn't comedy like my Second Stringers..........but epic and dramatic. XD

So...........we have Kyle, who is trying to become the ultimate fighter and master of all Fist techniques, along with his butler, Lance. Yes, the Bear is a butler. And then there's Seth............a former hero of justice fallen from grace and seeking redemption. The three of them will meet on Kyle's home Netherworld, Dreamcatcher..........and embark on a quest for the ages. (At least I'd like to think so.)

Dreamcatcher Netherworld is filled with these machines that have bubbles.............which keep the atmosphere (and people of the Netherworld) calm and mellow, by giving a sense of a scent that appeals to them. Not a drug, per se.............but more like a scented candle that everyone interprets differently. I am glad the bubbles (and the effect) turned out so beautifully in this picture! :D

Disgaea and characters belong to Nippon Ichi Software. Silly ideas are my own creation. XD

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    i like how this one looks :)

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      Awwwwwwww...........thanks so much! :D

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    I'm really loving the designs of the characters.

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      Thanks! “Disgaea 5” really inspired me with its ability to customize the colors and features of their job classes! I think it makes you feel more attached to the non-story-important characters! :)

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        Haven't really heard of Disgaea 5, but I bet it sounds like a good game.

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          It’s a fun little RPG series that had a short anime made out of it. :)

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    This is so cool! There's a lot going on in the picture but it doesn't look cluttered, instead it just looks detailed. Great job!

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      Thanks so much! :D

      I wish I were better at backgrounds............because the way I picture this Netherworld's towns are like an old-style fairy tale town, with these big arches that spew bubbles. I definitely can't draw it the way I see it in my head..............but I'll keep trying! :)

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        You're welcome :)

        Ooh! Well, I think you did a good job portraying that

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    Heh, you're right, the bubbles are lovely! I think it's funny that the bear is a butler, but I guess that's not too far-fetched from Prinny, right?

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      Thanks! :D

      I thought it would make it more amusing...........especially since the personality of the hired Bear seems to be weirdly respectful of everyone in my game. :) We should be lucky Etna doesn't have mastery over Bears like she does Prinnies................she would become even more dangerous if she threw one of these into the battle, they may not explode but they EAT things! XD