Inktober 2017-day fifteen by keirajo

Inktober 2017-day fifteen


17 October 2017 at 07:27:42 MDT

Amber is doing a little writing..............or maybe Zentangle. chuckle

Linoone belongs to Pokemon/Nintendo/GameFreak. OC belongs to me. :)

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    I like the cross-hatching you did for this one :)

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      Thanks! :D

      I try to start with my darkest color (not black) and do the densest hatching first, then I determine what other colors get a more loose hatching and/or stippling. :) (Of course my arthritic hands show the wobbly lines here, since I don't "second line" hatching..............! XD)

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        I would suggest finding a small light ruler to use as a straight edge. Might help. Though it will take quite a bit longer, so I can see why you wouldn't want to use it haha.

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’d probably take three times as long! XD

          I’m pretty proud I’m getting them done mostly on my lunch breaks at work though! :D

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    Yay inktober! Andrew is doing Octobit this year, but I'm not doing anything... -_-;; I want to get the pencils for chapter 3 of Midnight Blue done, and I realize how little time I actually devote to art.

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      I’m literally only doing these on my lunch breaks (I do all the pencils for the week on Sunday so I can straight ink at work each day).......I seem to be too tired to do much after work these days.....! XD

      Good luck finishing up on chapter 3! :D