WIP festival: the second stringers by keirajo

WIP festival: the second stringers


18 September 2017 at 10:29:57 MDT

So I thought I would share some WIPs with you guys.............since it may be a little while yet, before I get around to coloring or finishing off anything. I did scan a few sketchbook doodles that I'll post later on in the week, to stretch things out.

I decided to destroy myself by making the most complicated work I've ever done. LAUGHS I emulated a classic "Disgaea"-themed picture (the alternate "chibi covers" for the games), with all my hired characters from "Disgaea 5" on the PS4.

I was excited to see "Disgaea 5" get 'ported over to the Nintendo Switch--it was a big surprise for me to see it in the store a week or so ago, especially since when a friend and I went to AX15, the creator said (through translators) there was no intention of doing any kind of 'port for the game--since a Vita version was practically begged for by the people at the panel. I found myself suddenly obsessed with getting a Swtich, simply for the portable aspect of "Disgaea 5". I actually..............bought the game to blackmail myself into saving for a Switch. Since seeing Switch games is a rarity in stores, I figured I'd better get the game now..............and eventually I can get a Switch after it's been out a while and bugs have been worked out in the system--and it is easy to get a system instead of hunting for it. XD

Of course, in a new game on a new system...............my hired characters won't be the same. So after I do get to play it in a year or whatever..................................will I have new second stringers to tell stories for? chuckle

"Disgaea" and all characters belong to Nippon Ichi Software. :)

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