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Water Avatar: Jason


24 July 2017 at 11:22:30 MDT

Some time ago, I started working on a story that I never finished. It was like that sometimes—with a full-time job and many different hobbies, finding time to finish things was always hard. Especially writing. Art I could generally take to work and work on during my lunch/coffee breaks—at least a little bit each time. Writing was more difficult to take to work………..on the weekend days when I had 1-hour lunch breaks—writing was potentially possible, but not much would get done in the end. I think right now I’ve been working on my new “Transformers” fan-fiction story “Convergence” for two months and…………………it’s not really all that far along with everything I want to do.

But this story, which never had a title………..because it was never finished………….kind of began with a sketchbook sketch I did in the Creator’s Lounge at FurCon many, MANY years ago. Uhhhhhhh…………2011, I think? That was the year I made a lot of new friends (convention friends, anyways) by hanging out in the room where you could talk and doodle all you wanted. And after doodling things for everyone, I doodled a picture of a Fox wielding fire in someone’s ‘con book. Lots of people who spent time in this room passed around small sketchbooks asking for anybody in the room to draw things in them for them………..I passed around one in 2013 and got some nifty stuff drawn by people. They were usually what people felt like drawing. I drew a Fox, because at the time I was working on “Cardmasters” (an homage to TCGs and RPGs…….in a fantasy world), another story that was never completely finished, and one of the main characters was a Fox.

After leaving the ‘con…….I thought about how cool it was, even if a bit clichéd, a Fox wielding fire. And a story started developing around him……….because that’s what I did. He had a sidekick who was a Dalmatian who could wield water and they were trying to solve a mystery. Later as it developed out, an air wielder and an earth wielder were added…………and the mystery was who was trying to kidnap/kill a child who could wield light. I called them “avatars of elements” in general…………..and I drew them here and there when I was over at FA, to be posting “original furry art” as possible. You’re familiar with Skai—the avatar of earth, because I’ve drawn her more recently. People who knew me at FA might even remember Brad, the Dalmatian who used water…………and even maybe Cade, the Fox, who started it all by being a sketch of Fox wielding fire.

This year…………in an attempt to draw more of my older, original characters—and to expand my Toyhou.se collection of characters—I finally got around to drawing new art of these characters. So, today…………..here are new drawings of some old characters of mine. :D

Name: Jason Smith
Age: 34
Occupation: Paramedic (with the Fire Department)
Avatar Element: Water
Species: Canine (Dalmatian)
Personality: Gentle and easygoing, has great kindness.
General Biography: The only one to stay in touch with all of his friends, Jason is the one who manages to keep everyone close. His job as a paramedic with the fire department keeps him busy all the time, but he still manages to use some free time to hang out with Cade. It is Cade he worries most about, of all his friends. So he is the first to learn about what happens with Cade and the young Avatar of Light…….and he is the one to bring the rest of them all together for the mission that is the destiny they were given their abilities for.

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